5 Myths Of Women & Training

1. Lifting will make you look bulky

 Good training plan and eating correctly

Good training plan and eating correctly

- Only if you eat an excessive amount of food & load up with test
- High reps builds muscular endurance, if youwant to look toned and strong lift heavy!
- Testosterone levels are no way near that of men

2. Men and women should train differently

- I have a saying that men should train like women and women should train like men
- You can however adjust plans to be more suited to women


3. Cardio for fatloss

- While you strength train you are breaking down muscle tissue, over the next 24-48 hours your body is working to help this process and this requires energy (Kcals) its known as the after burn effect
- Cardio at a certain heart rate also depletes glycogen, gives the illusion of weight lose.

4. Spot reducing fat

- Fat cannot be reduced in certain areas, training your core/abs will not reduce the fat held there.
- genetics play a large role in that but it comes down to energy in vs energy out, eat better
- Strength movements/compound movements require a more muscles therefore you require more energy to perform them and have a larger afterburner.

5. Eat less to lose weight

- One of the most common problems I see in women is not eating enough food. Your goal even if its fat loss should be to build muscle. Not eating enough kcals will not help this.  I would never recommend anything less less than 1800kcals for my clients.

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