#HERO December 2016 : Vas Tso

This months #HERO goes to Vas Tso! 

Vas contacted me via snapchat a few months back enquiring about online coaching. We exchanged a few emails and he was the 2nd person to sign up to my Lifestyle coaching package. We got to work very quickly and Vas opted for the Macro tracking approach to nutrition. This approach puts a lot of trust on the client as I simply give them their Personalised Macros to hit and let them decide how they make those numbers up. 

His goals were simple:

  1. Strip body fat 
  2. Put on muscle tissue
  3. Achieve an increase level of fitness

His journey for success

We decided that we would take an approach where Vas would be training 4 times a week for around 1hr per session. My goal was to increase Vas's strength at the main compound movements (Deadlifts, Squats, Over head Press and Bench). I then added in movements that would help strengthen and assist these main movements but also increase his muscle mass. We also added in sprints at the end of every session at different intensities to help encourage fat loss and increase his fitness levels. 

Setting the correct expectations

One of the biggest aspects when it comes to fat loss is setting the right expectations. People expect fat loss to be a constant 'free fall' but the truth is that its a roller coaster. There will be increases, decreases and plateaus. I ensured that Vas understood that this will happen and told him not to worry about it.  The photo above is his progress and it shows you that it wasn't a linear decrease.


The photos above are Vas's check in photos from the start date and the end date on the chart. I am incredibly proud of Vas and his results. He is a true pleasure to coach and even speak to. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings to this HERO!