Being on Bens lifestyle plan has taught me so many things. When it comes to training, more hours spent in the gym doesn't always mean more results. The simplest of training methods can produce the biggest results! For me I don't have a couple hours to spend in the gym each day, sometimes only 35/40mins before work in the morning. Ben designed me a plan that is simple and only takes that short amount of time to work through but is getting me the best results Ive ever had. Short rest periods and low volume meaning you put every ounce of effort into each rep of each set has done wonders for my physique and mind too. Ive never been so focused, that mind muscle connection really works like this. 

 Nutrition wise, again, simple and effective. He teaches us to track our own food and learn what nutritional values each food has determining what food is going to get us the best results. This is far better and a much more flexible way to do things than just getting given a set meal plan to follow.

Ive paid for and tried many plans over the years, I haven't enjoyed them and there for stopped doing them as I wasn't getting the results I desired due to not enjoying the process. I thought to get lean like I wanted there must be a magical macro split calculation you must find or it would never happen and thought I would never figure out what it is, but Ben has taught me there isn't a magic number, and to just aim for a daily calorie goal and just make sure I hit a protein goal. This has resulted in me getting the leanest Ive ever been! Also with the training theres no magic routine, just finding what works best for you and your lifestyle, and this in turn means you will enjoy it and get the results you desire!