What I have learnt from working with Ben over the last year is importance of understanding  nutrition and what works for me, and how I can eat what I like once I track my calories and ensure my macro targets  are reached daily chiefly the protein levels . I can still enjoy my pizza, pasta etc and it all fits in. I'm certainly not on chicken and broccoli daily anymore.

Training wise I've discovered that I've certainly pushed boundaries of what I'm physically doing in the gym. I in the past looked at others doing deadlifts, rackpulls etc and thought I'd never be able for that, but I am now and my strength, body composition and understanding of training is at a whole new level.

I've learnt in this short period of time lessons that will help me throughout my years ahead.

I'm now, in the fittest shaw I've ever been, I've done my second marathon knocking 90 mins off my previous time and my body shape is something I never thought I would see. Each time I see slight change and gain it drives me forward to push myself more. It's also because of this I've better body confidence and confidence in myself which for those that know me may not be aware of low self confidence in the past. 

The support I've got from Ben has been fantastic, always willing to answer my questions and encourage me to take steps forward adjusting my training and programming to get the most out of each training cycle. It's all very much tailored to my needs and looking forward to long future working together on this fitness journey that I'm on.

Do yourself a favour and chat with him I'm sure happy I did.