My 11 week programme to become worthy! 

I feel like my training and nutrition needed an overhaul! 

I feel like my training and nutrition needed an overhaul! 

Its not like I was fat or feeling bad about my shape. I think everyone has their own standards and for me I was just below these personal standards.

I decided that I would write a plan and track my food intake for the next 11 weeks until I go to Florida for my holiday.


My training has never really been an issue. For the most part I enjoy it and like to mix it up to keep it interesting. But I found that I was lacking structure. I took a leaf out of my own book when it came to clients plans. I decided to follow a simple straight forward linear plan and to apply progressive overload. 

My plans consists of the following: 

  • Hinge day (deadlifts, glute bridges, Stiff leg deadlifts etc.)
  • Push day (Dumbbell press, Over head press, dips etc.)
  • Pull day (Pull ups, lat pulldowns, bent over rows etc.)
  • Squat day (Back squats, Goblet squats, sumo deadlifts etc)
  • Carry day ( Farmers walks, Over head carries, core work)

These are my 5 days of lifting. All based around compound movements to maximal energy and muscle output. 


I love food! I am not going to lie it makes the world a better place to live in. However I was enjoying it a bit too much (well the wrong things). I was simply not getting the balance correct. I was waiting too much of the foods I enjoy and not enough of the foods my body needs. I like to keep an 80:20 ratio (80% good nutrient dense foods : 20% foods I enjoy that maybe aren't so nutrient dense) 

My plan:

  • Track my food intake using myfitness pal on my phone
  • Activity avoid snacking when I am bored
  • Target 2700kcals and at least 200g protein 

I am ensuring that I am not excluding any foods from this plan as then it becomes a diet! (I do not like that word) In the first week I have had all the food I enjoy, including; subway, sweets (candy), cereal, hot nuts (My favourite), pizza. 

I still managed to lose body fat! 

I will be showing you my workout plans including reps and sets. I will also include a brief break down of my food consumption.