Feeling MIGHTY!

Getting into the swing of things!

Getting into the swing of things!

So the second week of my plan has gone pretty well! I feel a lot more alert, fresh, other words for good! Not everything went to plan though! 


End of carry session

End of carry session

  1. Got all my sessions done
  2. Hit my protein intake everyday
  3. Felt better with my shape
  4. Weight went down a little bit and not too much
  5. Measurements went in the right direction
  6. Improved on all lifts from week previous
  7. Learnt more about nutrition and calories 
  8. Was able to eat a huge variety of foods


My favourite snack = So many calories

My favourite snack = So many calories

  1. Hurt lower back from squat session
  2. Found out how my favourite foods are very calorie dense
  3. .... Can't think of another one. Thats a good sign!

I hit all my sessions and they all went pretty well! All except my Squat session! I think I was a bit too eager with my squats and ended up tweaking my lower back. I have had plenty of issues with it in the past and the fact that I was running short on time and pushed 2 movements together didn't help my back. I learnt that I will need to give myself at least 4 days apart from the HINGE & SQUAT sessions.


Want to know a bit more on how I got on in Week 2?

Superhero Shred

My 11 week programme to become worthy! 

I feel like my training and nutrition needed an overhaul! 

I feel like my training and nutrition needed an overhaul! 

Its not like I was fat or feeling bad about my shape. I think everyone has their own standards and for me I was just below these personal standards.

I decided that I would write a plan and track my food intake for the next 11 weeks until I go to Florida for my holiday.


My training has never really been an issue. For the most part I enjoy it and like to mix it up to keep it interesting. But I found that I was lacking structure. I took a leaf out of my own book when it came to clients plans. I decided to follow a simple straight forward linear plan and to apply progressive overload. 

My plans consists of the following: 

  • Hinge day (deadlifts, glute bridges, Stiff leg deadlifts etc.)
  • Push day (Dumbbell press, Over head press, dips etc.)
  • Pull day (Pull ups, lat pulldowns, bent over rows etc.)
  • Squat day (Back squats, Goblet squats, sumo deadlifts etc)
  • Carry day ( Farmers walks, Over head carries, core work)

These are my 5 days of lifting. All based around compound movements to maximal energy and muscle output. 


I love food! I am not going to lie it makes the world a better place to live in. However I was enjoying it a bit too much (well the wrong things). I was simply not getting the balance correct. I was waiting too much of the foods I enjoy and not enough of the foods my body needs. I like to keep an 80:20 ratio (80% good nutrient dense foods : 20% foods I enjoy that maybe aren't so nutrient dense) 

My plan:

  • Track my food intake using myfitness pal on my phone
  • Activity avoid snacking when I am bored
  • Target 2700kcals and at least 200g protein 

I am ensuring that I am not excluding any foods from this plan as then it becomes a diet! (I do not like that word) In the first week I have had all the food I enjoy, including; subway, sweets (candy), cereal, hot nuts (My favourite), pizza. 

I still managed to lose body fat! 

I will be showing you my workout plans including reps and sets. I will also include a brief break down of my food consumption.